Monday, March 21, 2011

Days 184-187: The Hustler, Nights of Cabiria, Rear Window, Paths of Glory

Hey all, right now, the plan is to get to 200 movies then take a break until I get back from England on July 2nd. 13 to go to that milestone!


The Hustler - A+

Nights of Cabiria - B+

Rear Window - A+

Paths of Glory - A


  1. How could you place Rear Window above Paths of Glory is beyond me :D Then again I don't really like Hitchcock, but I adore Kubrick...

  2. Paths of Glory was excellent. I had the opportunity to see it in an actual cinema and it was gorgeous. But somehow Rear Window really drew me in, more so than any other Hitchcock that I've seen. And while I loved Paths, there's about five Kubrick films I like more.

  3. Of 4 films I have seen from Hitchcock, I liked Rear Window the least =/ Vertigo is probably his best imo, but North by Northwest is a nice movie too...