Sunday, November 7, 2010

No, Really, I'm Sorry, You Guys: Another Off-Week

If I had a scanner, I would scan my planner for this week and upload it here so you could see precisely why I'm not going to be blogging this week. I'll still watch a couple of movies and build up a memory bank to pull from when I dive back in next Sunday. I just can't possibly balance this week's schoolwork with watching and blogging about six movies. There's gonna be a few rough weeks here until the end of the semester (December 18th, and believe me, I'm counting down) but this one is by far the worst. Even without requiring myself to watch movies and blog them, I'm looking at an average of maybe an hour to myself each day this week. I hope you'll accept the above picture of me from Halloween dressed as Blondie from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as a small token of my apology – for those of my regular readers who have never seen me, here you go. Now imagine that guy wearing big black glasses and a t-shirt and none of that Western shit, and you've got the real me down. Sorry again about this off-week, I guess it's safe to say that the list has definitely defeated me and my 250 day goal is shot to hell, but hey, I'm sticking with the project until it's done. I'm a lot of things, but a quitter isn't one of them. Talk to you all Sunday.

And in the meantime, everyone should really read my recent posts on My Neighbor Totoro, Fargo, Downfall, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and especially V for Vendetta. They're really pretty good. Don't read the Scarface one. It isn't.


  1. You should wear the vest more often in real life. It's snazzy.

  2. Wow, what a coincidence. Few days ago I put Blondie on my desktop. :D

  3. Your break is well deserved. I am still baffled about how you manage to do everything, even though you already explained earlier. I'm in the same boat as you. *Sigh*, I am just barely juggling everything, but that is probably just about everyone, lol. I'm still amazed how you can balance all of your school work with all of the blogging and the other things you have to do throughout the semester; I was pretty much bogged down since school started, but maybe you handle stress better than I do, lol.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again this week!

  4. Where that outfit when you're in England, son, and you're on your own ;)